Friday, August 28, 2015

Dermal Fillers in Chicago Can Complete Your Smile Makeover

Dermal Fillers in Chicago
Dermal fillers in Chicago can provide you with a complete smile makeover. If you have had cosmetic dental improvements done before, but still feel as though something isn't right, a dermal filler can help. Dermal fillers also referred to as dermal fillers, provide the extra touch-up you need for your best smile ever.

Smile Improvement: When your teeth look great, but your smile still sags, it can detract from the attractive appearance of your teeth. Today, we provide a range of dermal fillers in Chicago that can improve the structure of your smile. If you feel as though your skin sags or you have thin lips, creases in your cheeks, or wrinkles by your eyes or on your forehead that take away from your beautiful smile, our fillers can help today. If you have recently had work done to improve your teeth, don't let the skin on your face take away attention from improvements you have invested time and money into.
There are several advantages to using our dermal fillers in combination with a smile makeover:
Quick Application: Our dermal fillers in Chicago can be performed in one visit. We will apply the filler to the areas requested through an injection that will instantly create an improvement. You can even have your filler injected during your lunch break.

Minimally Invasive: All that is required in order to improve your smile is a quick dermal filler visit. As mentioned above, one visit is all it takes. Following the dermal fillers treatment, you can leave the appointment with no recovery or healing time necessary. Some dermal fillers begin working immediately while others require a few weeks to take on their full effect.

Minimal Side Effects: The most prevalent side effect is slight swelling at the injection site. You may also notice a little redness. In some cases, bruising may occur. Bruising is most commonly experience in areas of thinner skin, like the forehead. Any bruising that occurs will only last for two to five days in most cases. The rarest side effects are itching, rash, and the development of small lumps. Our patients rarely complain of these issues.

Longevity: The development of dermal fillers in Chicago over the years has led to a longer period of improvement. Dermal fillers are not considered a permanent improvement, but our fillers can create an enhancement that lasts for many years. In rare cases, improvements only remain for six months.

Dermal fillers in Chicago are a safe and effective way to improve the look of your smile. Compared to more complex forms of cosmetic surgery like traditional facelifts, dermal fillers are non-invasive and provide competitive results. Why spend more money and more recovery time on a facelift that may or may not work when you can receive tried and true results from dermal fillers in Chicago? Don't let those wrinkles or that saggy skin detracts from your beautiful and straight smile. Visit us for more information about the process and whether or not it is right for you today.