Friday, May 29, 2015

The Versatile Role of Dental Crowns in Chicago

Dental Crowns in Chicago
We provide dental crowns in Chicago so that our patients can have a healthy and beautiful smile.  Many people are unaware of the role that dental crowns play in modern day dentistry, thinking only of amalgam crowns.  If you think of a mouth full of metal or currently have one, there is a better solution for you now.  We offer natural looking ceramic crowns that resemble your teeth.  They do not stand out in any way.  In fact, they blend in seamlessly to give you a beautiful smile regardless of whether you need a restoration, a protective barrier or a cosmetic solution.

Dental Crowns in Chicago Cosmetic Dentistry
If you have something that you do not like about your teeth, there is a good chance that we can correct it using one of our cosmetic dentistry solutions.  Dental crowns are a popular choice because they can be used to correct damage and improve the appearance of teeth at the same time.  As they are placed on the teeth, they can cover dark stains that were not removed with whitening, close gaps in between teeth, change the overall shape and size of teeth and even make teeth appear straighter. Since they cover your existing teeth, you do not need to have them removed in order to see the change.  Simultaneously, if you are missing any teeth, crowns can be used in the creation of a dental bridge.  In this procedure, crowns are placed on the two teeth surrounding the missing one, and they serve as an anchor.  By doing so, they hold the bridge and new tooth in place so that you can love your smile again.  All of this can be completed in our dental office under sedation so that you can remain comfortable and relaxed.

Dental Crowns in Chicago Preventative Care
In many cases, we use dental crowns to protect teeth.  One challenge that many people face with age is that the enamel on their teeth begins to erode.  This happens due to the food that you eat, brushing too aggressively, a lack of dental care and basic aging.  When it happens, eating food that is cold or too hot can cause discomfort and make eating a challenge.  Fortunately, we have a solution by way of the dental crown.  Since it is a cap, it can surround your tooth or teeth and prevent anything from touching it directly.  That way you can eat and bite down without fear of sensitivity.  This also works if your tooth is cracked or chipped or if you have had a root canal and need your tooth structure restored.  Any time that the enamel from your teeth is missing or damaged, a crown can repair it.  The only question is which type of crown you should use.  An all-ceramic crown works well on the front teeth where a ceramic-on-metal crown works well for back teeth and molars because it is stronger and more durable.


Monday, May 4, 2015

A Teeth Whitening Appointment Can Be Done in Time for Graduation

Teeth Whitening
While helping your child wrap up their time in college, plan for a teeth whitening appointment and taking a break for oral health.  Graduation from college is certainly an accomplishment that is impossible to reach without a lot of hard work and dedication.  Life as a college student can be so busy and demanding that many will let other things slide, like healthcare.  We are sympathetic and are not here to judge, however, with graduation approaching, now is an excellent time to focus on their health.  By scheduling a dental appointment, we can clean and examine their teeth and remove plaque along with whatever damage has been done over the past four years.  Once healthy, we can also discuss whitening their teeth.

It is fairly normal for college students to have their teeth stained by the time their four years are up.  This is often due to all of the late night study sessions that were fueled by coffee and energy drinks.  It takes effort to stay up and study – we get it.  Unfortunately, things like energy drinks are terrible for the teeth and will impact how they look.  The good news is that this damage is not permanent.  We can whiten their teeth and remove the stains so that they look amazing in those proud family photos.

Scheduling a teeth whitening appointment can give them an edge.
One thing you may not know about their smile is that it can impact whether or not they land their dream job.  There have been numerous studies trying to determine what, if any, impact overall appearance and a smile has on a persons' career.  They have found that with all other things being equal, the person with a beautiful smile will be hired for the job.  Since your graduate will be competing against college graduates from across the country, this one thing may give them the edge that they need in order to land their dream job.  Additionally, once they have it, people with a beautiful smile were deemed to be more of a team player and get raises more often.  They have spent four years working hard to reach this point.  Spending an hour to improve their career prospects, is a worthwhile investment.

Our teeth whitening process is more effective than anything you can buy in the store.
When it is time to whiten their teeth, it is important to understand the differences in the options that are available. While you can certainly purchase a solution at the drugstore, the thing to note is that it won't work as well.  The solutions in the store will typically only remove the surface stains that are on the enamel.  This will make an improvement to their teeth, but it won't be as significant as if you had them whitened professionally because most of the stains live within the enamel.  Our solution penetrates through it to start the process of oxidization where the molecules change in order to reflect less light and become colorless.  This is what produces the dramatic results.