Monday, April 27, 2015

Learn About the Type of Dental Fillings in Chicago

Dental Fillings in Chicago
At some point in your life, you will probably need dental fillings in Chicago. Before this time comes, or if you are considering replacing yours, it is important to know your options. We can share with you the different types of fillings that we can provide. Silver amalgam, composite resin, ceramic, cast gold, and glass ionomers are all great choices, but which is the right filling for you? 
  • Silver amalgam: The silver fillings as they are often called are a classic option. This silver alloy provides lasting coverage for your vulnerable tooth, and they stand up to intense chewing and teeth grating. Silver fillings are also very affordable. The only cons are their tendency to take up more space, requiring more drilling of your natural tooth, and the aesthetic value of silver fillings is fairly low, requiring placement in non-obvious areas of your mouth. In spite of the negatives, many people enjoy the price and durability of silver amalgam fillings since they can last a lifetime. 
  • Composite resin: Composite fillings are our most popular option. These fillings are incredibly attractive, and it is nearly impossible for others to realize that it isn't your natural tooth. These fillings are fairly resilient and long lasting. They are not quite as strong as silver or gold fillings, but they are still close and incredibly durable. Many people choose this option for their incisors and canines due to the eye appeal composite fillings provide.  By providing dental fillings in Chicago, we regularly replace old silver fillings with this tooth-colored option.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic fillings are also known as porcelain fillings. The ceramic dental filling is appealing due to the smooth, tooth shaded surface it creates. These fillings are resistant to damage, but they do require more space to stay in place. This leads to more drilling away of your natural tooth. Ceramic fillings are often used for crowns or inlays that will take up more space anyway. The general quality of ceramic fillings is very good.        
  • Cast gold: This gold alloy is a tried and true option that is non-corrosive and strong. They are generally the longest lasting filling option, but the cost does reflect this pro. With gold fillings being one of the most expensive options, many people opt for silver amalgams when faced with the choice. The gold filling normally takes two visits to place. Regardless of the cost, many people choose this option for long-lasting, attractive results. 
  • Glass ionomers: This option is rarely used.  The glass ionomer is a natural looking cavity fix that provides strong coverage for less trafficked areas of your tooth. Due to it's slightly weaker consistency it is generally not recommended for molars or weight bearing areas. When placed on the side of the tooth, it provides great protection. Another pro is that glass ionomers excrete fluoride into your teeth over the years, creating a stronger overall tooth.  
We can provide you with dental fillings in Chicago that will meet all of your needs. We hope our accessible options will help you decide what is best for your teeth. Our dental fillings provide long-term protection from tooth decay at an affordable price. Depending on the location of your cavity, the severity of your cavity, and the financial budget you have, we can help you decide what filling is best for you.