Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How Fillers in Chicago Are Used in Dental Care

Fillers in Chicago
Many people have heard of dermal fillers, but not many people know how fillers in Chicago are used in dental care. Dermal fillers are commonly used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or facial skin sagging in areas that are suffering from lack of elasticity. Dermal fillers can also be used to improve the appearance of your smile. Dermal fillers in Chicago are used to restore the lack of volume in the skin when the area around your mouth and lips begins to sag. If this sagging and wrinkling occurs, it may have garish effects on how you appear or be a distraction from your beautiful teeth. In some cases, fillers are used in conjunction with other cosmetic dental procedures to produce an overall better appearance, but the process can also be implemented on its own. 

Dermal fillers in Chicago are used solely as a cosmetic treatment. They are placed by an injection into the skin that plumps the surrounding area. If your lips have also suffered sagging or thinness due to age, we can apply a specified dermal filler to your lips to increase augmentation. There are a few different types of fillers ranging from short term results to lasting results. The most common, however, is short-term. This filler therapy should be repeated on a regular basis to ensure lasting results. Permanent fillers are also available, but can be irreversible, and we do not use them in our office. Simultaneously, there are also a few different materials used in dermal fillers. When using fillers in Chicago, we only use the latest and best filler materials that are proven to produce beautiful results.

Before getting started, we will meet to discuss your exact wants and where you want to improve the look of your skin. We can the use fillers in Chicago with the full knowledge of how your facial muscles and skin work together to create a natural appearance. This knowledge allows us to create an undetectable injection site. We know exactly how to provide aesthetic relief for the slight pinch that the injection will produce. Many dermatologists are not familiar with the numbing process like an experienced dentist would be since we numb small areas on a daily basis. Because of this, the best location to receive your dermal fillers is the dentist's office. Here you will experience very little to zero discomfort.
After your dermal filler injection, you will notice immediate differences in your skin that will increase over the next few days. It is important to keep up with filler appointments to continue the natural and youthful look you have achieved. We often use this solution in combination with other cosmetic dentistry services like teeth whitening.  In this way, fillers can complete the transformation.  Simultaneously, the procedure is fast and easy so you can have this done on short notice.  You won't be disappointed with the youthful results you get. This process will give you an all-inclusive, gorgeous smile.